New mountain fox photos from Mt Hood

The crew checked one of our Mt Hood stations today and we had a fox visitor on May.27.2012. This black-morph mountain red fox is a different individual from the red-morph mountain red fox that we detected at a neighboring station on April.24.2012 (see May.4.2012 post). Black-phase mountain red fox have also been detected at two Cascadia Wild stations on Mt Hood (photos below).


Series of montane red fox detections on Mt Hood, Oregon

These photos are the latest in a series of recent detections on the south side of Mt Hood, Oregon by Cascadia Wild and the Cascades Carnivore Project in cooperation with the Mt Hood National Forest. In addition to a black-phase fox photographed by Jon Dierickx in 2011, this red-phase fox and a black-phase fox detected in March, 2012 mark the first detections of montane red foxes in northern Oregon in many decades. Mt Hood, Crater Lake, and the Siskiyou Mountains are the only locations where montane red foxes are known to occur in Oregon. If you have seen a fox in the mountains of Oregon or Washington, please send me a line.