Thinking of buying a GPS?

I have been using GPS since the satellite algorithm was encoded by the US Army and we had to set up a base station to decode our data. I like a GPS that has a very good antennae to receive signals well and is intuitive to use. I thought I would share my suggestions in case you are interested. I prefer the Garmin brand but I think Magellan still makes good units. Feel free to get in touch with your comments. A basic model is the Garmin eTrex 10 (eTrex 20 is good too). The model I like best is the Garmin 60CSx, which they don't make anymore (though you can find them online) and have been replaced with a fancier color Garmin GPSMAP 64, which is a great GPS.


Citizen Science Volunteer Opportunity

Collect wolverine, mountain red fox, and gray wolf scats in the Cascade Range.

Please subscribe to this blog by clicking on the Subscribe button to your right to learn more about the Cascades Carnivore Project Are you interested in joining our volunteer crew this summer as a trail steward?  I am looking for dedicated hikers to choose from one to a few trails to hike along and collect carnivore scats this summer. In order to join this citizen science effort, you will need to commit to a minimum of 3 hikes between July.1 and September.30. You are free to select for any 3 dates that work for you within in this timeframe. If you want to do them all together, you will want to sign up for 3 different trails. Or if you would like to sign up for 3 well-spaced dates, you can chose the same trail and hike it 3 times (or 3 different ones....however you decide). There will be no formal training for this position. I will send you supplies and our field protocol to guide you and am available for phone discussions. As a scat collector, you will hike, photograph, and collect any putative mountain red fox, wolverine, and gray wolf scat for DNA analysis in order to investigate the conservation status and connectivity of these rare carnivores in the Cascade Range. It will be super helpful if you have a GPS and camera but they are not necessary.

If you are interested in becoming a citizen scientist, select the trail(s) you would like to steward from the attached list and sign up by replying to cascadescarnivore@gmail.com with the trail name(s) and # of times (1 to 3, or more) you will hike them.2014

Trail Sign-up


Mt Hood
  • Timberline Trail – any section
  • Tilly Jane
  • Cooper Spur
  • Eliot Moraine Hike
  • Cloud Cap to Elk Cove
  • Cloud Cap to Gnarl Ridge
  • Timberline to Paradise Park
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Mazama Trail to Cairn Basin
  • Elk Meadows

Mt Jefferson
  • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section in Wilderness
  • Jefferson Park

Three Sisters
  • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section in wilderness
  • Lava Lake TH to Matthieu Lakes


Mt Adams

  • Round The Mountain trail – any section
  • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section in Wilderness
  • Divide Trail to Pacific Crest Trail
  • Killen Trail to High Camp
  • South Climb Trail to Lunch Counter
  • Snipes Trail to Round The Mountain trail
  • Stagman Ridge Trail to Horseshoe Meadows
  • Shorthorn Trail to Round The Mountain trail
  • Riley Trail to Burnt Rock
  • Muddy Meadows Trail to Foggy Flats 
  • Indian Heaven Wilderness
    • Trail 171 Indian Racetrack to Pacific Crest Trail
    • Trail 111 Thomas Lake to Pacific Crest Trail
    • Trail 48 East Crater TH to Elk Lake
    • PCT from Sawtooth TH to Sawtooth Mtn
    • Trail 108 Cultus Creek TH to Wood Lake
    • Trail 29 Placid Lake to Pacific Crest Trail
    • Dean’s trail from Indian Racetrack TH to Acker Lake
    • Dean’s trail from Junction Lake to Chenamus Lake 
    Mt St Helens
    • Mt Margaret Backcountry - any trail

  • Loowit trail – any section
  • Johnston Ridge Observatory to Spillover
  • Boundary Trail #1 – any section
  • Climber’s Bivouac trail to Loowit Trail
  • Redrock Pass TH to Loowit Trail 
  • Goat Rocks
    • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section
    • Nannie Ridge to Sheep Lake (Trail #98)
    • Snowgrass Trail to Cispus Pass
    • Goat Lake – wolverine detected in this area in 2009
    • Section 3 Lake TH to Bear Creek Mountain
    • Conrad Meadows Loop 
    William O Douglas Wilderness
    • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section
    • Bumping Lake to Twin Sisters Lakes
    • American Ridge
    • Aix Mountain Trail #982
    • Russell Ridge Norse Peak Wilderness
    • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 north to Bear Gap
    • Trail 1192 Crystal mountain trail to Bear Gap trail
    • Mt Rainier - south
    • Wonderland Trail – any trail
    • sections
    ·      Paradise to Panorama Point
    ·      Paradise River Trail
    ·      High Lakes Trail from Reflection Lakes to Skyline Trail
    ·      Kautz Creek Trail (at least 6 miles out, 12 miles RT)
    ·      Eagle Peak from Longmire

    Mt Rainier - north
    ·      Sunrise area – any trails
    ·      Silver Forest Trail
    ·      Buroughs Loop Trail
    ·      White River to Glacier Basin (optional: onward to St Elmo Pass)
    ·      White River to Emmons Moraine Trail (terminus)

    Mt Rainier - east
    ·      Summerland

    Mt Rainier - west
    ·      Paul Peak Trail
    ·      Mowich Lake to Eagles Roost
    ·      Mowich Lakes to wards Mowich River (1 mile out, 2 mile RT)

    Tatoosh Wilderness
    ·      Tatoosh Lakes

    Glacier Peak Wilderness
    ·      any trail

    North Cascades National Park

    • any trail 

    If you have sighted a mountain red fox, wolverine, or gray wolf in the Washington or Oregon Cascades, or would like to suggest a trail you think might be a good spot to detect one, I would love to hear about it. Please forward this email to any friends you think might be interested in joining the project.