We have been working at lower elevations on Mt. Adams this winter to clarify the lower elevational limit of montane red foxes in the Cascades. As a result, we are surveying the habitat of some new carnivores such as the wily coyote. Interesting, we have captured pairs of coyotes as several stations as this must be the breeding season.

Cascade Creek burn

Interesting photos taken from a camera station set on the edge of the Cascade Creek burn, a fire this summer on the south side of Mt. Adams.


2013 Winter Field Surveys begin

The 2013 winter field season has begun with 8 camera stations set on the south side of Mt Adams in January. Our tasks are to survey along the known lower elevational limit of montane red foxes to clarify their habitat constraints. Second, we are snow tracking the Cascade red fox in an area where several individuals have been detected over the past 5 years. And finally, we are seeking to collect genetic samples from the wolverine in know areas of use.
A good, clear bobcat photo.

First Cascade red fox detection of 2013.