September.14.2009: Wolverine in Goat Rocks Wilderness!

A wolverine was detected in the southern portion of the Goat Rocks Wilderness at 6300 ft. This individual appears similar to one detected by our efforts on the north side of Mount Adams, a distance of 30 km (19 mi), and may or may not be the same individual. Photographs from both detections show similar chest markings: a set of three vertical small white patches of either side of the neck and a white splotch under the chin. This recent detection did not yield any genetic samples as the wolverine did approach eat the bait. At this time, we are not able to confirm or refute the possibility of more than one individual in the south Cascade Range. We will return to the area this winter to attempt to collect genetic samples if conditions permit. The Goat Rocks Wilderness comprises steep slopes and wide, avalanche basins and thus may not permit winter research.

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  1. You guys rock! I grew up in the southern Cascades, in southern Oregon, and we all lived in the shadow of a singular wolverine that nobody could prove existed, and only a few saw clearly. I've since worked on wolverines in Montana (trapping, radio-collaring, backtracking), but have always wondered how improved technology and increased vigilance may either change or validate all that we "knew". This to me is another testament to the utility of digital imaging in advancing conservation world wide.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jeremy Roberts


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