The elusive genetic sample and a name for the wolverine

Well, the laboratory in Montana that generously analyzes all potential wolverine samples we collect during our field research returned their analysis of the scat I collected while following wolverine tracks on February.4. The identity of the tracks as being wolverine were confirmed by photographic detections at two nearby stations within a day of finding the tracks. Unfortunately the analysis shows the scat is from a coyote! Many carnivores, such as coyotes, are known to follow other carnivore's tracks marking their presence as they go. It looks like this is what happened along the wolverine tracks. Now we are really determined to collect a new genetic sample to understand the origin of the wolverine in the central Cascades!

Since we didn't get to discover the sex we are choosing to name the wolverine Wildy, a fitting name for this elusive, wide-ranging critter. Thanks very much to all who contributed donations and a name. We will be using the funds raised to purchase a new remote camera!

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