North Cascades Project

We started camera and trail surveys in the North Cascades Ecosystem in September. Here is a little video of our first bobcat in the area. While hiking in to check the camera, I encountered bobcat tracks as well as moose!! So huge!! There are no moose in Washington's South Cascades where we have conducted most of our research so that was pretty neat. I also encountered coyote tracks on top of my tracks on the way out. First snows of the season make for great track opportunities.
Hiking up into the Sawtooth-Lake Chelan Wilderness.
A far bit of snow up above 6000 ft.
Bobcat tracks on the trail.

Note to self: If I drive all the way from my parent's home in Vancouver, BC over the Cascade Crest and try to accomplish something in the field, I will be hiking out of the wilderness after dark.

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